Falafel Festival and World Championship

Have you heard about the upcoming Falafel Festival and Falafel World Championship happening in Malmö, Sweden, on June 16th, 2018.

Malmö, Sweden, might sound like a strange place to have a festival and world championship of a food that has its origins in the middle east. We know… we know but if you have ever been to Malmö then you understand. With the number of restaurants and street food vendors serving falafel reaching somewhere near 100 locations even National Geographic has named Malmö as number 8 on its list of places to visit in 2018 and that is in part specifically to the city’s obsession to falafel. Malmö is now home to the International Falafel Award, Falafel Festival and Falafel World Championship.

The idea for a Falafel World Championship came from Titti Qvarnström, the nordics’ first Michelin start chef, who calls Malmö home. The project is being run by Jonathan Burns and Pierre Orsander, who have also teamed up to write a book on the falafel culture in Malmö which ranges from restaurants and falafel oil soap to tattoos.

Applicants have been coming in from around the world to take part in the competition and we hope to have teams representing many different areas of the world to show how falafel has both stayed close to it’s roots as well as changed and innovated. The festival and award ’s goal is to showcase Malmö’s multiculturalism, food culture inclusion and what might be the best street food ever.

To find out more check out the festival’s and championship’s award sites and the event details on facebook.


International Falafel Award 2018