Contestants for International Falafel Award 2019 is getting prepared…

International Falafel Award 2019 is taking place in Malmö, Sweden. After the application-date ends (27’th of October), applicants will be contacted regarding an elimination-process involving in a chance to compete during the finals.

International Falafel Award 2019 will be a closed event held 14’th of December 2019 in Malmö, Sweden. The event will be live-streamed.

The contestants

Restaurant City & Country
Falafel by Youssif 🇸🇪 Malmö, Sweden
Falafel Street Food 🇸🇪 Malmö, Sweden
Mr Falafel 🇸🇪 Malmö, Sweden
Falafel Alsham 🇸🇪 Gothenburg, Sweden
The Holy Pita 🇩🇰 Copenhagen, Denmark
Falafel Factory 🇩🇰 Copenhagen, Denmark
Ahaaa – Arabic Cuisine 🇩🇰 Copenhagen, Denmark
Gaza Grill 🇩🇰 Copenhagen, Denmark
Nord Falafel 🇩🇰 Frederiksberg, Denmark
Wowshee Egyptian Falafel Bar 🇬🇧 London, United Kingdom
We Love Falafel 🇬🇧 Brighton, United Kingdom
Гуд Нут (Good Chickpea) 🇷🇺 Saratov, Russia
Chef Falafel 🇨🇭 La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland
Canary Restaurant 🇰🇼 Kuwait City, Kuwait
Wahed Falafel 🇰🇼 Kuwait

Partners & Sponsors

International Falafel Award 2019 is made possible thanks to our wonderful partners and sponsors:

ORSANDER/Communications, Best in Sweden, Qvarnström Gastronomi, Laziza, Lokal 17, Svensk Cater, The Book of Falafel, Malmö Stad