UPDATE: The winners of 2019

The competition is now over, and the winners have been announced for each category.

Best falafel (main award)
Ahaaa Arabic Cuisine (DK)
Represented by: Ali Abdullah & Hazim El-Yahya

Most Innovative falafel
Ahaaa Arabic Cuisine (DK)
Represented by: Ali Abdullah & Hazim El-Yahya

Best composition
Wowshee Egyptian Falafel Bar (UK)
Represented by: Ahmed El Shimi

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Watch the ended live-stream soon

You will soon be able to see the recorded edition of International Falafel Award 2019 that was a closed event held 14’th of December 2019 in Malmö, Sweden. The event was live-streamed.

The contestants

Restaurant City & Country
Falafel by Youssif ?? Malmö, Sweden
Falafel Street Food ?? Malmö, Sweden
Mr Falafel ?? Malmö, Sweden
Falafel Alsham ?? Gothenburg, Sweden
The Holy Pita ?? Copenhagen, Denmark
Falafel Factory ?? Copenhagen, Denmark
Ahaaa – Arabic Cuisine ?? Copenhagen, Denmark
Gaza Grill ?? Copenhagen, Denmark
Nord Falafel ?? Frederiksberg, Denmark
Wowshee Egyptian Falafel Bar ?? London, United Kingdom
We Love Falafel ?? Brighton, United Kingdom
Гуд Нут (Good Chickpea) ?? Saratov, Russia
Chef Falafel ?? La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland
Canary Restaurant ?? Kuwait City, Kuwait
Wahed Falafel ?? Kuwait

Partners & Sponsors

International Falafel Award 2019 is made possible thanks to our wonderful partners and sponsors: