How many is competing?
12 different restaurants representing different parts of the world.

How long time do I have to prepare?
You have 60 minutes. Your specific time is found here. Show up 60 minutes before this time for registration.

Do i have a kitchen?
Yes. You will have a kitchen prepared for you. The kitchen will be prepared with an electric fryer and kitchen utensils.

Will there be a grinder to grind chickpeas?

Will there be an oven to bake bread?
Yes. There will be a shared pizza-oven.

Can we prepare things before?
Yes. You can prepare for example dough for your bread and make sauces. The falafels and serving should however be done at location during your provided kitchen-time. We recommend doing as much as possible during this time for freshness.

Will you provide chickpeas?
Yes. Pre-soaked ones. If you want to bring your own or not using chickpeas, then you need to prepare them so it’s for example pre-soaked.

What groceries will you provide?
– Chickpeas (Soaked)
– Red onion
– Garlic
– Parsley
– Tomatoes
– Lettuce
– Pickles (Mixed different ones)
– Liba bread (We highly recommend to make/bring your own)
– Salt

What do I need to bring?
You will need to bring items such as spices, sauce, your dough if making bread or basically anything you can think of if not listed above.

Will you provide oil?
Yes. But if you need/want a specific oil you need to bring it.

How does it work?
You will get a kitchen time and during this time, 4 others will prepare their falafel. You have 60 minutes. Then you will present it to the judge. You will not have to remake it in the finals. The winner will be announced at the end of the day.

How many servings should I make?
One for every jury-member. In the 2019 finals, that means 5 of them. They should be presented on a separate plate for every jury-member.

What do you win?
The title, an award and also a falafel-themed gift made by a local artist from Malmö, Sweden.